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May 14, 2009 12:06 am

Penn and Teller Bring Airport Security to Stage

J C Sum and ‘’ Ning’s Press Release was titled, “ Illusionist and Make a Magical Appearance for Asia Uncut Talk Show on Star World.”

We have long admitted that our emotional development and maturity levels hover between that of a 12 year-old.

Perhaps a more mature editor would not have been hooked by such a headline.  Chance are we wouldn’t read the type of publication that editor produces, so we will never know.

The headline lead us to investigate J C Sum and ‘’ Ning.  They are more than legit  Their web site offers videos by the fist-full of their work.  They have real skill and from the testimonials, they also have very loyal fans and clients.

The purpose of the press release was to announce their appearance on Asia Uncut (Episode 10) “showcasing their unique brand of “urban illusions in the city.”

The Asia Uncut show is a significant gig.  The show is seen on the Star World Network, Asia’s largest; with more than 200 million viewers.  J C Sum and ‘’ Ning are the first magicians on the show.   According to the press release, “[t]he talk show is the first one-shot mainstream avenue to reach the majority of English speaking people in Asia on an entertainment network.”

The show was taped back in April and features J C Sum’s close-up work.  We understand  ‘’ Ning performed her signature “Straight Jacket Striptease” with the help of the host. They finished out with their “original grand illusions ‘Light and  Space,’ where ‘’ Ning vanished in a blink of an eye.”

Be sure to check out their web site and press release for air dates.

J C Sum and ‘’ Ning’s cable network appearance debut is part of their promotional tour to promote their “Ultimate Magic” ( ) show which is ’s first permanent illusion show and only magic tourist attraction. They perform 5 shows a week in the Tourism Board-endorsed attraction at The Arena in Clarke Quay.

You can see their web site and watch their incredible videos here:


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